Plantae Bookshelf – A Place to Share Book Reviews and Recommendations with the Plant Science Community

I love books but I had to stop buying them for the sake of my budget and because they were collecting so rapidly. Instead, I have decided to collect books online! To do this I worked with my team at Plantae to initiate a Plantae Bookshelf network. This network provides an open forum for people to post reviews of their favorite books, share articles where others have provided recommendations, and contribute their own.

Via Twitter and the Plantae community page, plant scientists were asked to share their favorite books. We were overwhelmed with responses and I put together posts to list these recommendations, separating them into three main categories: Plant SciencesProfessional Development and Other.

Facebook - Untitled Page (9).png

Please keep the recommendations coming! As part of this series, plant science students have the opportunity to write reviews and be included in the Plantae Bookshelf. Here is an interview with the author of one of Juniper Kiss‘ favorite books and here is a review Chris Barbey contributed to the bookshelf network.

If you would like to include one of your book reviews please let me know. I would be happy to promote it through the Plantae social media platforms.

Another link to the Plantae Bookshelf Network.

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